Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Spirit of Learning

So, we have learned a few things. As I stood outside the most beautiful library I have seen on a college campus, I reflected on where we have been. We learned we can't tolerate cold. We learned we miss our friends. We learned we are not comfortable moving an almost 90 year old from a place he loves. We learned the dollar for dollar value in SW Florida is pretty good. We learned ALOT about the real estate market in Oklahoma and yes, even a bit about improving ranch land.
And, in the end, we are becoming Floridians again very soon. We intend to head back around the first of April and will close on our house around the 20th. We are ready to be settled again. The story comes full circle. Now we know what we would really need to have a successful ranch. We are glad we made the trip. And glad to be heading back to a state I NEVER thought I would be happy to return to.
On a side note: these pictures are of the University of Oklahoma. This library is beautiful. What a gorgeous campus. I am happy to have had the chance to see it. If you are ever in the area of Norman, Oklahoma, take the time to see it. And stop at Campus Corner for a Freebird Burrito.
And remember: if you are thinking of doing something. Do it. Try it. Don't be afraid of it. Have fun with it. As my friend Barbara said to me during one of her last conversations with me: "Life is just too short to be doing something you don't want to do". Good advice. Thank you, Barbara.

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