Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bridge Out?

We visited California Cowboy's acreage Tuesday afternoon. The day was sunny and warm and we tried not to think about the weather forecasts that promised a less than lovely ice storm in as little as 2 days. We chose to remind ourselves we are on an adventure, seeking something new in life. So, onto the cowboy's spread to see if it would provide what we are looking for.
Do you think that the realtor (listing agent in this case) might have warned us about the journey? We approached this spread located NE of Lexington, with the obligatory trailers on one side of the road, and a barking running dog warning the owner of our approach. But, do we risk this bridge? After doing some rudimentary math and guessing on our weights (we refuse to divulge that information) we decided to proceed. California Cowboy assured us when we arrived that we should "pay no attention to that sign...the county is just being safe". Good to know.
We had a marvelous tour and we were even given a peak at the custom built guest house complete with bunk beds (a guarantee that visitors won't be staying long!). We have serious concerns about the property including a bit of a small house (1500 sq ft) and HUGE major power lines behind the house. I am not sure of the health benefits of such high voltage on a continual basis. While I am beyond child bearing years and could certainly use a bit more energy these days, I don't think it should come from this source.
Also priced at 279,900 it is at a list price 80,000 higher than Ma and Pa Kettle's. Certainly a consideration. So, promising to remain friends, no matter what property we buy, we parted ways. Over my first Carl's Jr. hamburger in Purcell, OK we decided we would pass on the property and offer on Ma and Pa's place outside of Pink, OK. Details on that event to come next!

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