Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dueling Banjos

Calmly and resolutely, we decided to make an offer on the 80 acre ranch with an 1862 sq ft house, 30 x 40 steel garage, 2 wells, 2 ponds, major erosion problems and terribly overgrazed grass land, located 2 miles south of Pink, OK. But, did I say calmly? As I wondered what the heck we were doing, my dear husband reminded me status quo was not working in Florida. He reminded me how both of us tend to get bored with situations and are always seeking ways to continue to expand our knowledge, which sometimes places us on an uncomfortable learning curve. He reminded me how poorly I respond to working for others. He reminded me that this is one of the few places in the country that seems to be still growing and semi thriving with only a 6% unemployment rate. He reminded me that so far, we have not met ANYONE here that did not seem sincerely nice and kind. He reminded me of the 8 months of continual heat in Florida and lastly, how difficult it had been for me to move to Florida 8 years ago. (How many times did I visit Colorado and threaten not to return to the Sunshine State?). So, I admitted the fears, and we made an appointment at the real estate office.

But, remember, our realtor is currently basking in the sunshine and weirdness of Key West! So, we met with someone helping her out while she is gone. This is a strange way to write an offer when we know nothing about Oklahoma real estate practices. We were sitting with a woman who we just met, and who did not seem to really grasp that we wanted this offer written, presented and dealt with ahead of the ominous ice storm. Is this the OK way? When she commented that talking about this property reminded her of....that scary movie with the dueling banjos know....DELIVERANCE......I became worried. But, after 2 rewrites and 3 hours (a tortuous exercise for me), we were satisfied with at least the offer if not the realtor. We indicated we would like the broken down bus, various boats, trashed trailer, mounds of junk in the steel garage, and all domestic animals removed by closing, but if not, at least titles or a bill of sale. Last time I checked, mobile homes, boats and buses still required titles!

So, we wait. As predicted, the ice storm has moved in and now and I am sitting here with fingers crossed that power holds. The cats are asleep, the husband is asleep (it's 3:oo o'clock in the afternoon, what else is one to do?), we have vodka in the freezer and tuna and chips to eat. We have 3 composition logs to throw in the fireplace if the heat can't run. We were fore warned that time lines may not hold due to this storm. It reminds me of hurricane days....a time when all anyone does is watch the weather channel or visit weather underground on the computer. I guess our quest to change our life is on hold for a bit. I just hope "a bit" doesn't last too long!

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