Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We went exploring the other day to the Altus area. I felt like home! Parts looked similar to the front range where I spent almost 30 years. Who knew? This area by the Quartz Mountains is lovely. Notice the blue sky. This picture was taken in the 8 hours that the sun was shining in Oklahoma. I was happy to capture it.

We drove all over this area and for once I could tell what direction we were headed as you could look and find the mountain range. I realize that coming from Colorado, one has to be careful how you use that term, but they were definitely bigger than hills.

We found Rick's cousin and surprised her with a quick visit and continued on in our search. We found great Mexican food in Anadarko. We found the Wichita Mountains. We found more than several dying downtowns. And we found lots and lots of damage from the recent ice storm. For the readers that have been through a hurricane, that is pretty much what it looked like. We heard there are families that won't have power for another month. Not a good sign for the local residents when 3 weeks after the storm there are still power lines and poles just laying along the side of the road. I can't imagine. We bailed from SW Florida after 3 days of not having power after Hurricane Charlie. These Okies are true troopers.

After a wonderful day, we decided that part of Oklahoma is beautiful and full of wonderful people. But, according to stats, the area is losing population, and it just didn't seem like the right place for us. We decided to continue to search......

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