Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need a trailer?

Please find me a home, please?
Although he may not looked stressed, Katmandu is counting down the days until we can all happily pile into the highlander and drive out of the hotel. Anywhere. Just outa here! Two weeks after leaving Florida, I think our cats are bored and depressed. But, not for long...........Yes, we are under contract. FOR REAL. This afternoon, after a counter to a counter we signed documents and handed over escrow. We have agreed to buy 80 acres with the 1860 sq ft house, 30 x 40 steel garage, 2 wells, 2 ponds, completely fenced grassland and woods, and yes, even the trashed trailer. We think we did okay. But, now comes the inspections. We are inspecting EVERYTHING and with a signature can walk away with deposit intact. Will we? We think we may be crazy or deluded. For those of you who know us, you can only raise your glass in a toast and say "Glad it's them and not us!"

More seriously, now comes the details. We are contemplating renting a little house we saw close to the OU campus and having our stuff shipped here now. The landlord said he is looking for an in between renter and could probably accommodate our schedule. He let me in on a little contractor's secret: all rehabbing takes longer than the home owner he figures we are good for at least 3 months......We have to admit to dreaming about sleeping on our own tempurpedic again. Modern Movers (bless their hearts) can have our stuff on the road in a matter of days. Things are lookin up!

As we were floundering about yesterday before we knew our final counter had been accepted, we started to consider plan b....finding a business to buy instead. What a refreshing thing to find businesses that are MAKING money! Wow. There are actually thriving, healthy businesses here. I guess we had become so distorted from living in SW Florida that we forgot there are places in the country where people are working. What a concept.

What a frustrating process this has all been. Living by the mantra that things are always going to work out sometimes gets very very hard. It requires patience. It requires some level of maturity. It requires having trust. Maybe for me, this journey is about more than just learning to ranch.

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