Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Orville and Dora

Milo, Oklahoma. Where? South from Norman on I 35, then west for a ways on Highway 53 to the middle of nowhere. This is where we found the old house and store that Rick's ex Uncle Orville and ex Aunt Dora owned. The building is still standing but gas pumps long removed. Some good memories for Rick seeing this old place. He and his first wife used to spend time there with Orville and Dora playing hours of Moon and 42 while drinking Rick's booze (yes, they were good Baptists and certainly could not have be seen in a liquor store.) Orville drank 151 proof rum straight from an ice tea glass. Rick and his wife carted away the empties. And it sounds like there were alot of empties. Guess it was quite the hot spot for Milo for many years..decades actually. But time really marches on doesn't it? We all show the wear and tear eventually. Orville died of asbestosis (a ship welder during WWII) and Dora died several years later.
After the memory lane trip we went on to explore the Arbuckle Mountains and Ardmore. The Arbuckles are the oldest mountain range in the US. Wow. Who knew Oklahoma had this within the state lines? Oklahomas, I'm sure, but as a transplanted Coloradoan I apparently was pretty ignorant. It is a far more exciting place in writing, though, than in reality. Rick claims that Turner Falls possesses one of the best swimming holes around. Given that it was about 25 degrees that day I did not get the chance to test his hypothesis. I am of the opinion that it's a memory he formed in part by the 151 proof rum.
We have explored yet another part of Oklahoma. Did we find a clue on what our life is going to be? Not yet. But we did experience another 4 hours of sunshine and a great burger from Carl's Jr.

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