Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Trying to Push a Rope Uphill

Well, well, how fun each day can turn out to be. What now? Who tries to push a rope uphill? Turns out, me, sometimes. It doesn't seem to be anyone else's concern and only frustrates the pusher (me). Are you getting this? It seems that I am still looking for some of that patience that every home buyer should have.....I am my worst nightmare. I am out of control.

But today revealed that the selling homeowner doesn't really grasp what this water leak, and saturated black board that lends to the structural integrity of the home, means. Neither does her realtor (who cannot claim cognitive deficits). When this listing agent was made aware of the sill plate problem they came up with a solution. Let's send a friend of the seller's daughter's husband over to declare it's simply condensation! A friend, it turns out that is not licensed to do anything. Saturated, dripping boards that are covered in what is probably black mold. Condensation. Really. What you all should be aware of is that sitting in a cold hotel room (heater intermittendly stops working), for over 2 weeks now, with a husband, 2 cats, and the insurance adjuster above us, does not help me find my patience. I certainly did not find it today. Just ask my husband.

But, let me back up. The day started when we actually reached the contractor that called us back who was still waiting for the inspector to call him, who was still working on the report, who was convinced we needed a contractor, who was then convinced we really needed a plumber, but then forgot to tell our real estate agent, who was still trying to find a contractor. What? Yes, this is how the day was shaping up. Pushing a rope uphill. It was really not working. So, our agent says, call their agent (what?). Rick, a much better diplomat then me, gives her a call. That's when we found out they had declared "no problem" due to the friend of the husband of the daughter of the cognitively impaired seller. And we want these people to fix our next abode? I don't think so. To make a very short story even longer, he started throwing around the word cancellation, and "we have pictures". While that did get her attention, I think it is too late. The two sides of the party are way far apart. We were pushing a rope uphill.

So, tomorrow will most likely lead to a cancellation. We have deciphered the message! We are looking at another property much closer in and with much less acreage. No room for cattle. But not close enough to anyone to have to listen to their barking dogs. And we will now expand our search to include businesses and homes perhaps up to the Edmond area. We continue to be open to what is presented to us. But absolutely, positively no pushing the rope uphill!

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